Beautiful daughter

Composed by: Estella Martiko
@ 2010

Refrein: Hey, my beautiful daughter beautiful girl
Please come back to me were you belong...(2x)

We're you going my girl The wide world before you
Making choices with your life and you think is the right thing to do
Play your guitar, sing your song
But don't lie to me...
Don't lie to me...

Refrein: Hey, my beautiful daughter, beautiful girl...
Please come back to me, were you belong.

Couplet: I'm worried about you
I have a lot of sorrow
Baby, I know the way
You have to follow
I have had to let you go
But No!!!....
But No!!!...

Couplet: Suddenly you run away, over closed gates so high
You don't know what he will do to you
You're so in love with this guy
Now you've been gone so long
I'm sure you feel alone....
You feel alone...

Refrein: Hey, my beautiful daughter, beautiful girl
Please come back to me, were you belong.

Lick my shoes

Composed by: Estella Martiko
@ 2011

Couplet: She was walking with her high healed shoes
Dressed up to catch a gentle man in black
Her short dress makes her wonderful
And than she whispers to him: lick my shoes

Refrein: Come on baby....lick my shoes'm in the mood
Black or red high healed shoes... it feels so good.

Couplet: The night was full of love and oh so hot
They drunk champagne and a lot off other booze
and they were laughing a lot
And she whispers: lick my shoes

Refrein: The next morning he didn't want to pay for love
They get a fight and ooooh god
Her high healed shoes came from above
She killed him and sceams: lick my shoes

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